Geolocation and tracking are reliable and accessible everywhere, this solution requires no software or special configuration. Vehicle monitoring is done in real time, at any time, on any PC, tablet, or smartphone.

  • GPS vehicle tracking, with the latest generation of GPS chipset technology
  • Real-time communication
  • Access to data by

ProCarTrack’s vehicle tracking system is known for its compatibility with on-board electronic systems. It is also fully compliant with international requirements for radio interference from vehicles and current road safety laws.

The module built into your vehicle is out of sight, providing the system with accurate position, speed and steering data. The system uses this data and engine status to monitor vehicle activity day and night.

Locating a vehicle in a large fleet is simple, quick and easy. The status of each vehicle, including its speed and direction, is displayed on the map, indicating whether the vehicle has stopped and how long it has been parked.